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 Forum Rules

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Fav.Episode in Naruto : Shipudden
Fav. Character in Naruto : Haruno Sakura,Uzamaki Naruto
Fav.Artist or Bands : Rock BAnds
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:25 pm

This announcement is to simply outline the rules of the forum. If you choose not to abide by these rules, you will be warned or if the situation is seen as bad enough, banned.

Abide by the rules, and there will be no problems and no arguments.

Naruto Forum Rules:

-Make sure you are in the right forum.(warning only if you do this 3x banned)

- Sticky Caps is allowed (StiCkY CaPs or CAPS)

- saying foul words are not allowed unless you put like this :>**************

- Members/Mods should respect each other if the admin/s catch you!.Members/Mods will be banned.

- Speak in English or in Filipino

- We have a zero tolerance policy for spam here at Naruto Forum. If we see any spam from any member of the forum, we will take action on the individual or individuals who committed the action. (Spam Nation is still ok to spam in)

- Racism will not be tolerated at all on the forums. If we see any form of racism, we will ban you on the spot. This ban is permanent, and there will be no question about it.

- Advertising will not be allowed anywhere on the forum, apart from in your signature, and in the Advertisement forum located Classified Ads

- If we see anyone posting any warez or implying that they have committed a warez act we will ban you on the spot. You're not only putting yourself at risk, you're putting the site at risk by posting those things.

- Any form of disturbing or offensive material which is posted on the forum will be removed immediately and the user who chose to post the content banned.

If there is any problem on the forum, please report it to a moderator via PM so that action can be taken on the matter.

Questions Question or comments albino
must be posted at Naruto Forum Support.
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Forum Rules
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